Hello everyone,

Last time I gave you an insight into our company and from today I will describe our team individually.

Let me start with the CEO.
He is 26 years old and was born in Shizuoka, Japan.

Hide has quite a refined personality. He knows what he wants and always has a clear-cut objective.

He always enquires a reason about everything and is keen on receiving an abundance of options when working
on a project. A very good personality trait he possesses is that he treats everyone equally.

His hobbies are watching TV-shows and drinking beer.
What he likes about Macedonia is the water, due to it’s freshness. He also enjoys drinking local beer
because it has traditionally good flavor and it’s perfectly balanced.
He considers people in Macedonia as hard-working, warm, careful and amicable.
These are few of the things he wishes to achieve during his stay here:
– Gain the trust of employees and business partners;
– He would be very happy for his employees to enjoy their job and finish
their tasks on time without feeling any pressure;
– Ensure stability for this company so that he can later acquire the ability to expand the company and establish
new branches all over Macedonia.

Macedonia aside and business aside, Hide has quite a few personal life goals that he aims to achieve.
For instance, to settle in a certain city he has been admiring since childhood. To become a respected father and
guide his children into some profession of their choosing.